Looking for samples of my work, eh? Here are a few favourites in my content portfolio:


Case study: a 20% conversion rate machine (in the form of an e-book)

The intro page of a video content planning e-book I wrote for Skeleton.

I wrote a 10,000 word e-book for video agency Skeleton about video content planning. It features the 5 key steps their audience should to take to create successful video.

Its purpose? To consistently draw in leads and act as a cornerstone of their content marketing strategy.

To drive traffic to the e-book, I created related blog posts with calls-to-action leading to its gated landing page. This page (yes, I wrote the copy for it too) converts 33% of all visitors.

Of all the traffic associated with this campaign, 20% was successfully converted by the e-book. Over a year it has generated 77 new quality leads ready to be passed onto sales.


Case study: 1,500 shares & backlinks from an authority site with a single post

A post I wrote about video content marketing, featured on Convince & Convert.

Video agency Skeleton wanted to educate their target audience about the power of video through the marketing funnel. So I wrote a blog post called 13 Video Content Marketing Examples That’ll Energise Your Funnel.

Then I contacted digital marketing company Convince & Convert, who asked to feature the article on their award-winning blog. We gained a huge push to brand awareness and a handful of backlinks from a site with a Domain Authority of 79.

Now the post ranks on page 1 of Google for the keyword video content marketing examples and has gained almost 1,500 shares. Most importantly, the article drove quality traffic back to the site that converts at a rate of 11%.


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