Make your audience sit up and go "ohhh"

The internet is a funny place.

When we type LOL we actually mean we're inhaling deeply. A poor LMAO might signify nothing more than a shadow of a smile. We all pretend to be delighted, outraged and incredibly inspired all the time, but in truth there's precious little out there on the gigantic web that manages to get through our brain pores and stick with us. That makes us truly feel something.

If you provide that emotion, you can stand out to your audience like a dancing cat in a news feed (i.e. ridiculously well). You can generate the kind of brand awareness and emotional response that bland marketing-by-the-numbers can't even imagine.

But you have to be brave enough to do something bold, unique, real — and a little bit crazy.

Types of creative content that might be right for you

  • Blog posts telling stories or expressing values
  • Short fiction
  • Poetry or creative language
  • Creative video scripts

I wrote the script for this film for logistics firm Europa. The impressive story behind the brand helped turn dull facts into pure emotion.

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