This is me with a sword.Hi there, nice to meet you. My name's Lydia. I'm a copywriter and content marketer based in Nottingham.

I've been writing and creating "content" all my life. That started out as stories about unicorns when I was a kid, and... well, let's just say I still write about Mr Sparkleface every so often.

I create copy & content that helps business owners and marketing managers connect with their audience. In oldspeak, I'm part journalist, part storyteller and part wordsmith. In newspeak, I'm a content marketer. Check out all my services here.

Over the years I've built content marketing strategies and tones of voice from the ground up. With a love of get-my-hands-dirty research I've crafted meaningful content optimised for both SEO and conversion. And I've helped business and brands just like yours reach their full potential through the magic/science of copy.

But most importantly, I've written exciting and honest words that mean something to people.

In my time I've worked with video agencies, dental associations and online gaming publications. I've done B2B and B2C — my specialism is human to human. 😉 Take a look at my portfolio here.

(Plus I've launched and grown a pop culture criticism blog over at Pop Critical, which I'm proud of in a fairly geeky way.)

My goal in life: to write clear, passionate, purposeful words everywhere I go. And have a great time along the way. If that sounds like something you need, then let's talk.


Want to find out more about how content can help you delight your audience? Just get in touch.