This is me with a sword.Hi there. My name’s Lydia. I’m a games writer and narrative designer based in London.

I’ve been writing professionally for 5+ years, and writing in the games industry for just over 2 now.

For me, game narrative is about taking players on an emotional journey where their own response is more important than our intentions. In writing I love to explore 1) romance, 2) character studies, 3) horror elements, and 4) anything that makes me say “Ooh! That’s different”. Check my portfolio here.

In a past life I was a copywriter specialising in content marketing, which means I wrote a lot of blog posts, worked on a lot of marketing strategies and tones of voice, and got really good at thinking about my audience rather than myself. Even though I learned plenty (like how to resist offing oneself during endless rounds of script edits), I knew I didn’t want to write about dental implants and credit scores for the rest of my life. So now I write for video games.

Hit me up if you want a writer and narrative designer who’s motivated, dedicated, quick to learn and has a wicked eye for detail. That’s me, by the way.

Fun facts

  • Like most writers, I have a thing for ancient cultures, histories and mythologies. Sumeria is my current obsession.
  • I wrote my BA dissertation on Beowulf. Hwæt!
  • As a kid I played so much Sonic that I started twitching. Then I wasn’t allowed to play anymore 🙁
  • When I was younger I lived in the Middle East for over 10 years.
  • Show me a rabbit, any rabbit, and I will coo over it for at least 3 minutes straight. This is my kryptonite.

Other stuff

I write about pop culture criticism (games, movies, music, TV) when I feel like it here.

I also write fanfiction for games like Red Dead Redemption and shows like Battlestar Galactica over here.